28mm true scale high quality & ultra detailed miniatures with different head options and interchangeable weapons for tabletop RPGs, wargaming and collections.
A Wizard with a Duelist's weapon? Or a Knight with a Warpriest’s weapon? No problem, you can easily change hands options between any of our miniatures.


«It’s very detailed, and very nice. Multiple options so you can kind of customize your figure the way that you want. Shipping from Russia to the United States was very quick, and I am very pleased with this item.»

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We are small company from Russia. our journey began not so long (one year ago), but we can say with confidence that we love to make miniatures, and we are inspired by each of your orders and our interesting creative work.

Thanks for your support! With your help, we will release many wonderful miniatures!

we love our work

and work for you.


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